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Series: „ZONs

At this place I also like to introduce the „ZONs”:
Abstract, surreal figures - depicting a lyrical interplay of biomorphic forms.

  Short description of the notion ZON:

For all paintings:

Oil on canvas, original size: 31.5 x 23.6 in. (80x60cm), 17.75 x 11.8 in.
(40x30cm), unframed.

Materials used: High-grade canvas (pure high quality cotton) - stretched on a wedged frame (pine wood), oil colours with natural oil (linseed oil, poppy oil). No thinner and no drying promoter (like turpentine) etc. used. The paintings are usually signed at the bottom right hand corner and titled, dated and signed on the back side.


For the figures: Laid on oil color with a soft brush (marten hair). For the background: Thick (paste like) laid on oil color - either beginning from one corner, an edge or from the center painted around the figures. View detail.
The result are two different painting structures for the figures and for the background wich gives "that certain something" to the motives.

For details, please click on the thumbnails.

  Detail view of a painting of the series ZONs:

  Eine Bild der Serie ZONs:
gayb_sml.jpg nt9_sml.jpg sitz_sml.jpg

gnd_sml.jpg nt8_sml.jpg gds_sml.jpg vib_sml.jpg

nt7_sml.jpg iens_sml.jpg nsch_sml.jpg mapl_sml.jpg

lrrh_sml.jpg autm_sml.jpg nt6_sml.jpg seim_sml.jpg

se11_sml.jpg yams_sml.jpg yamh_sml.jpg rbal_sml.jpg

erzo_sml.jpg t42_sml.jpg n2cu_sml.jpg tmp2_sml.jpg

tmp1_sml.jpg rnd2_sml.jpg sed2_sml.jpg sed1_sml.jpg

bast_sml.jpg fffe_sml.jpg lopa_sml.jpg zwez_sml.jpg

haso_sml.jpg sofl_sml.jpg auau_sml.jpg sita_sml.jpg

mute_sml.jpg frta_sml.jpg nt5_sml.jpg rend_sml.jpg

wts_sml.jpg luzo_sml.jpg nt4_sml.jpg balf_sml.jpg

prop_sml.jpg dipi_sml.jpg witb_sml.jpg tbfs_sml.jpg

fome_sml.jpg tbfs_sml.jpg shal_sml.jpg gt_sml.jpg

fmh_sml.jpg fou_sml.jpg sft_sml.jpg nt3_sml.jpg

tyto_sml.jpg cone_sml.jpg caeo_sml.jpg cdr_sml.jpg

pc_sml.jpg wisp_sml.jpg pos_sml.jpg snf_sml.jpg

yam_sml.jpg ml_sml.jpg sfo_sml.jpg cort_sml.jpg

tti_sml.jpg mat_sml.jpg ohos_sml.jpg tptm_sml.jpg

toe_sml.jpg ttf_sml.jpg dev_sml.jpg nt_sml.jpg

tft_sml.jpg msu_sml.jpg meet_sml.jpg buzz_sml.jpg

gy_sml.jpg nt1_sml.jpg tsb_sml.jpg tfs_sml.jpg

tcs_sml.jpg bil_sml.jpg df_sml.jpg talk_sml.jpg

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