Series: "Installations"

Title: Tamed Hands
Materials: plaster, acrylic paint, handcuffs, plywood board, frame
Height: 46cm
Depht: 18cm
Width: 36cm
Dated: 2010, signed

Everybody knows the situation: You wish to do so many thinks but there exist so many circumstances which tame the energy of your hands.


Title: bezahldich-arm Rapid
Materials: cardboard boxes, plywood board, acrylic paint, text
Height: 30cm
Depht: 13cm
Width: 36cm
Dated: 2010, signed

Acute wealth and high account balances are immediately reduced. With regular daily application conceitedness (smugness), arrogance, snobbery and also a stilted articulation can be eliminated.

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Title: Butt with Arm
Materials: wire mesh, plaster, wood, acrylic paint
Height: 37cm
Depht: 55cm
Width: 49cm
Weight: 17.8Kg
Dated: 2007, signed

You can stick small labels with words on the butt and on the arm to give your thoughts and feelings a place of strong expression. For presenting this sculpture here I choose the words "Earth Climate" for the butt and "Globalisation" for the arm. Other labels are prepared with the words "Me", "Family", "Neo-Libaralism", "Capitalism", "Communism", "The Rich", "The Poor", "Poverty", "Mankind", "Destiny", "Employer", "Employee" ... any suggestions for more words?


Title: Friends
Materials: plaster, plywood board, acrylic paint, text, frame
Height: 20cm
Depht: 6cm
Width: 45cm
Dated: 2010, signed

Object 1 (left): Produkt07082010-1
Object 2 (center): Toilettenpapierblatt Nr. 169
Text board (right): Product07082010-1 and sheet of toilet-paper No. 169 are now friends.


Title: One eats, which comes on the table.
Materials: Mixed
Height: 36cm
Depht: 9cm
Width: 55cm
Dated: 2011

The design describes our dependence on food industry. We have to eat, what the food industry produces for us.


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